Why Gold Backed CBDC's Are Not Saving Zimbabwe
516 views • 3 months ago

Lynette Zang Feb 13, 2024
10,146 views • Feb 13, 2024
Lynette Zang is an economist that has been involved in the markets at some level since 1964, as a student, banker, stockbroker and precious metals and currency analyst. She has been studying currency lifecycles since 1987 and discovered similar social, economic, and financial patterns that occur throughout the stages of a currency’s lifetime. She believes that recognizing these patterns enables people to see what’s coming and make well-informed choices that put their best interest first. Together, Lynette, her team of experts and special guests share how to best prepare for economic uncertainty. Focus will be in the areas of Lynette’s mantra and how to be equipped in the key areas of Food, Water, Energy, Security, Wealth Preservation, Barterability, Shelter and last, but certainly not least, Community. This channel is dedicated to supporting sound money globally and building a community that connects us worldwide. Subscribe and keep watching and you too shall have the knowledge needed to make educated choices and thrive through whatever the future holds.
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