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Socialist-Capitalist Dialectics: A Talk with the Graphical User Interface Collective (GUI) - Part 2
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Fearless Nation
Published 8 days ago |
In this video, I interview two scholars from the Graphical User Interface Collective: Walter Reger from Germany and Luigi Posto from Italy.
In this second half of the interview, we discuss Hegelian philosophy in terms of its theoretical and historical iterations in relation to Marxism, capitalism, and fascism. In addition, we explore the interpretation of Hegel as a "rational theologian," and we examine Hegel's notions of the "slave-master dialectic" in the context of a passage from Hegel's Philosophy of Right in which he posits that "the State is the march of God through the world." Also, we examine the eugenics policies of the early twentieth-century Fabian Socialists. Finally, we discuss the possibilities of grassroots alliances between "leftists" and "right-wingers," "socialists" and "libertarians," etc.
The Graphical User Interface Collective (GUI) is a collective of artists and scientists founded in 2021. Its goal is to provide basic knowledge, through artistic and scientific communication, regarding the prevailing power structures as well as the nature of democracy. Why is GUI pursuing the outlined project? Knowledge about power and democracy is on the wane in the majority populations of the West. At the same time, capitalist democracies are transforming more and more openly into authoritarian systems. The autocratic direction in which this global autocratization process is heading is becoming clear to more and more people in Western countries, leading to an increased potential for outrage in the societies concerned. However, this potential for resistance lacks the relevant concepts of power and democracy to even adequately classify current events and identify possible alternatives for resistance. Social indignation, however, can only stabilize into efficient democratic resistance if it is based on adequate theories about power, capitalism and democracy. Outrage without concepts is blind.
Walter Reger studied philosophy and linguistics in Germany. He received his PhD on the topic of the philosophy of Plural Logic. He is currently working on logics for fine-grained meanings in a research project at a German university, focusing on impossible world semantics for epistemic logics. In addition to these academic shenanigans, he finds time for really important topics such as the historical analysis of capitalism, empirical power structure research, and theory of democracy.
Luigi Posto is a musician; the multi-instrumentalist (drums & percussion, piano, clarinet), composer and improviser studied jazz and improvised music at music academies in Italy, Germany and Latvia and has given concerts in Central Europe, New York and Cuba. His main political interest is the history and present of neoliberalism. For GUI he produces political songs, podcasts and readings on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, neoracism, neoliberalism and popular sovereignty. He currently lives and works in a refuge in the Dolomites.
Source: School World Order$/invite/@FearlessNation:7

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