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Operation Uplift
Published 7 months ago |
This is a song I wrote. My daughter is singing. The lyrics are "fighting in the land where cash was invented,ah."
Cash was invented in Babylon, and then the "cash-is-worth-more-than-Human-life" thing, or "civilisation" as it is often called, spread like a cancer throughout the planet.
I love coca-cola (even though it is horrible for Your health) and I love rock music, and rap, and these and many other things are a product of "civilisation", so of course, its not ALL bad.
Before You go and put Your face in Your hands, remember that Rabbi Yeshuah (aka JESUS ) was arrested for beating the money changers, put on trial , and executed by a group of Roman occupiers, and their local-yocal collaborators. AND Islam forbids "usury", (aka the charging of interest ), so reacting to the reality that We live in a cash-is-worth-more-than-Human-life has been a major part of Mankind desiring a more perfect union with Our Creator
Not for nothin, but the symbol of "apple computer" is an apple with a bite taken out. Any follower of any of the three Abrahamic Faiths SHOULD know what that is.
Look around, and then try to tell Me that smartphones are NOT stealing Peoples Humanity. I will tell You that You are wrong.
This is by deliberate design.
After all , cash was invented in Babylon, and the "money system" is STILL controlled , not entirely but close to it, by a bunch of devil worshipping baby-rapers.
Not every rich Man is evil, for example, the Greatest President of ALL TIME, Donald John Trump, became rich in an honest, moral way. BEFORE He became President. For this reason, vote Trump in 2020, and continue the agony for all them devil-worshipping pieces of shit. Uplift the good rich People. Become rich Yourself, and DO GOOD.
Lets take control of the money system, and force it to be a tool for GOOD, instead of evil.

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