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"THE KINGS OF THE EAST: EUROPE" - Asia & Putin [Russia] Will Humble The EU
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Published 4 months ago |
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Welcome to The Master's Voice End Times Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord).

Today's word: Atheism denies God exists, Hedonism doesn't care whether He does or not. It's a way of life focused on human interests, pursuits and pleasures. As Europe grew in wealth, power and influence over the years their need for God died; it was replaced by a pride in worldly things with no care for what comes after. The desire to be people of God has flatlined in the EU but God says they will deliver themselves as 'gods' in the day the Eastern kings trample them. True repentance is the only covering of a nation but turning away from God leads to woe. Hear the words of the Lord.




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(4) Prophecy does not go by what's on TV. It goes by what the Lord says. In future times America's closest allies will begin to withdraw their support, openly disagree with her, and even rebuke her publicly. Germany and France. Europe will become a polarized place with each person looking out for themselves within the rapidly changing realities of end times crises that will affect the EU- their great 'social experiment' will fall. So it doesn't matter now who makes speeches promising loyalty to who- what the Lord says will be. The EU will show cracks and when Russia and China makes aggressive moves towards them every nation will do what's best for itself. Alliances, loyalties will fly to the wind as people look out for their people, territory and sovereignty.

(5) NORTH KOREA will have physical occupying forces in EU countries. China will too. Russia will too. It will be the same type of occupation Europe experienced in WW2, except with little to no room for error this time.

(6) REPENTANCE IS HOW TO AVERT JUDGEMENTS. Therefore once you see your country doesn't care, isn't doing it, doesn't amend policy, doesn't have public acknowledgements of breaking God's laws but instead continues doing actually what God is already judging them for, you know your country is not a part of "If my people who are called by my name"- Therefore judgements will happen to any nation will not turn, according to Ezekiel 33.

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