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WIZARD Pope Calls For UN To Be World Authority - NWO and The Insidious World Takeover By Jesuits 7772666
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Published a month ago |
This is why "voting" is MEANINGLESS!
And don't forget, thanks to Jesuit trained and controlled Trump, there are now 6 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices who are devout Jesuit trained Roman Catholics who have vowed allegiance FIRST to the pope over ANY other entity on earth. Yes, SERIOUSLY.

Don't worry, your vote didn't "elect" him; he was selected to APPEAR to "win" long long before anyone went through the usless, futile motions of "voting".

But do you now see how they do it? A magicians ILLUSION; They get us looking one way, dazzling us with BS, when with the other hand they are carefully placing all their people in PERMANENT positions of POWER. Trump was the perfect dazzler ACTOR for this illusion. AND HE PULLED IT OFF! And was applauded for it - LOL

We the people, are sooo stupid...

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