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F-16 Air Force Pilot - Call Sign 'CUJO' - "The Earth is Flat!"
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Published 3 months ago |
More and more in-the-know people are coming out and telling the truth about the REAL earth that we live on.
At first, like all of us, he scoffed at people who brought up "flat earth"; that is, until his adult daughter stressed that he should really look into it. And of course, any intellectually honest person who actually looks in to it will find the truth - this retired F-16 pilot is no different. Here are a few observations that sealed it for him:
- Was trained that is he always flew directly at the horizon that he would always remain level.(would never be true on a "globe" earth)
- The way the aircraft RADAR operates it can only work over a flat earth. (he explains in detail)
- Talks about the "Coriolis Effect" nonsense and how the first time he ever heard of the "Coriolis Effect" was in a flat earth video years after he was retired - "there is no such thing in the Air Force training"
- "at extreme low altitude over a lake in Iraq going 0.95 MACH, I never had to nose down to stay level and I never felt light-in-the-seat..."
- Explains how when in training, he remembers that the documentation always stated, "...over a stationary flat earth..."
- "I'm tired of all the lies, you almost can't believe anything the mainstream is telling you..."
- He even mentions "this whole UFO thing..." that has recently begun.
- I love it when he say's what we've all said at the point we realized the spinning ball was a lie, "I mean, how did I ever actually believe that stuff?"

Thank you CUJO, GLOBEBUSTERS and Taboo Conspiracy
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