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Why is CBC is So Desperate to Have an Extreme Radicalist Go Full-On 'Lone Wolf' During the Truckers Protest?
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Published 6 months ago |
I purposely stayed tuned to Canada's government network (CBC) during this past week leading up to this weekend's #FreedomForTruckers protest in Ottawa. Their reporting has been beyond ridiculous. The first sign of their totally ignoring what the convoy was really about came last week when @CBCNews in British Columbia reported that the truckers (preparing for their convoy) were actually doing a group to protest the B.C. road conditions that were deteriorating after the B.C. floods. Meanwhile, the truckers were on their way and the protest had nothing to do with road conditions. Then I watched all week as @CBC was reporting that there were only 'hundreds' (not thousands) of trucks in the convey from out west and that there were only thousands of protesters expected to be in Ottawa. (Today) Saturday January 29th, @CBC was reporting that police were expecting up to 10,000 protesters in Ottawa when there were hundreds of thousands. What irritated me most about CBC's coverage was how all week they have been playing the 'race card' and radical extremism in relation to the protest. Right up until today they have said that the convoy is full of right-wing extremists and lone-wolf terrorists who are set on causing vandalism and violence during the protest. It was as if they were wishing and hoping that the protest would face these problems. It is almost sunset as I finish writing this and we have not seen any acts of terrorism. @CBC is blaming the protesters for not wearing masks and thus shutting down a local mall in the downtown core. They have also said that they have seen a Confederate flag flying on a truck. (That's right ONE.) They have also said that a wake for the anniversary of a Quebec Mosque vigil had to be canceled due to worries over hate and anger being directed at the Muslims holding the vigil. Unbelievable stuff. CBC over the years has gotten so political and so up Justin Trudeau's ass and must be pulled out before democracy passes away in the darkness of Trudeau's butt. I recorded a clip so you can see for yourself just how off script CBC goes to paint all the protesters as redneck, extremist, terrorists.

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