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L. MMS: Protocol 4000 with Calcium Hypochlorite (MMS 2) Explained in Detail
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published a year ago |
This is a "Stand alone" protocol that actually doesn't use any chlorine dioxide but it fights most of the same diseases that ClO2 does. It is made from Calcium Hypochlorite (also known as MMS 2) which turns to Hypochlorous Acid when mixed with water in the stomach. Be sure to take capsules and with 4-8 ounces of water. Taking it with a meal also helps to avoid the chlorine burps (not harmful though). The Protocol 4000 pills are easy to transport and store and easy to take doses because there is no mixing of liquids in a cup before drinking. Remember that the P4000 is taken every other hour for 12 hours a day (total of 6 doses). This stuff does wonders in the body but it takes a little getting used to the dosage amounts. (up to half a capsule or less - size 0) What you eat or drink before or after doesn't matter like with MMS 1. Lastly, start small with this and work your way up to a half pill if you are able.
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