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Published 2 years ago |
Have a small to medium sized, family/partner run business? Getting devastated by this "coved19" PLANEDemic and sociopathic, tyrannical government's so-called "orders"? Here is how the living man/woman "opens back up"...

1.) Totally reject the religion that you are a "citizen", "resident", "licensed", "permit holder" etc. and LEARN how and why being in the state of a "Living Man / Woman" makes YOU your own ruler and NOT the evil religion of government/"authority"!

2.) Network with other private business in your area and defend and support each other from the order following tyrants in clown uniforms with badges and guns and their parasitical, war criminal politician FALSE "elites".

Video features: MOI! (Eric Bochene), Larken Rose & Douglas "fuck your rights" Ducote
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