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The War For Freedom, Why We Will Fight and Will Be Victorious: Good Fight ForEvermore 3/3
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Published 2 years ago
The Good Fight ForEvermore - January 19, 2022
With your host, Bandana Ed. Brought to by Stone Bandana Publishing and Entertainment and by,

NOTE: I am enjoying watching how the evening shows on FOX News have finally caught up to the Independent Media. This is information Straight Shooting News has been covering, and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, in particular, have a large audience, so what they are exposing should help us with Our War For Freedom. (We watch FOX, so you don't have to!)

For tonight’s Good Fight ForEvermore:

Part One - Explaining the harm from the bad science and media lies, exposing what is resulting, and what most are not seeing from the media.

Part Two - Meet World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, and ‘His Excellency’ Xi of the CCP, and their minions.

Part Three - We will drive home the point about why everyone should pay attention now.

Part III

This part begins with China Olympics, and Laura Ingraham calling out all on the China Olympics: “Not One Minute”. Don’t watch a minute of the NBC schedule.;mc=aectm

It all must end now, no excuses.

Hannity has Sen. Marshall on about Fauci’s finances that show he is one of Communist China’s best allies, and why his financials were hidden! In the U.S. we are looking at Treason or Sedition at the very least, but Globally we are looking at “Crime Against Humanity” for this evil creature.

Next is a clip from Tucker with the seditious co-owner of the NBA Golden State Warriors and comments from Boston Celtics and new American Citizen “Freedom. During the destruction of the Roman Empire “Bread and Circus” to keep the people entertained as the elite built up their wealth, let’s not allow History to Repeat itself.
Now we have Laura with historian Victor Davis Hanson explaining how We The People are Being Sold Out from within? Money/Education/Nihilism.
We Need Strong Leadership

Michigan Murders in Nursing Homes
Here is a Tucker clip which exposes the results of creating all this chaos why is the question? Let’s see if you can figure it all out. Here’s a hint: cover up?
Is The Government Murdering its own citizens
Maybe to avoid Accountability
School Chaos; Sports; Shutdowns

More from Tucker Carlson…
Firing the DC Fire Department

Laura again on creating a two tier society
French Protest being censored by the media
Colleges and Boosters

Alvira King explains MLK and the false agenda being pushed when the true message was about “Human Power”


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