Silver Fox@DoD, It's time. Pelosi repent. Cleansing begins. China Market Crash. Tim Dixon 2021-02-16
138 views • 02/17/2021
God's hand is starting to move across this world.
The Department of Defense has begun the days of cleansing.
God will tear down the walls of Jericho.
God has chosen America to bring revival to the world.
God will cause a market crash in China, but great revival in China.
A woman who has withstood God will take her life.
The evil in the White House will be stopped.
Donald Trump has been chosen by God to have 2 terms, and be king and president in America.
Earthquakes in various places. Shaking around the world. Tremors in Italy. All 7 mountains.
New York shall be held accountable with calamity for the shedding of innocent blood.
Spoken word revival that shall heal the sick and raise the dead. Harvest time.
Bankruptcy upon the great, but money to those who wants to go for the gospel.
God will pour our His Spirit upon every one that breathes.
This is the final call.
A day of trouble, but God's people will be kept.
The spirit of Elijah and Moses will rest upon the Sons of God.
Arizona will be stopped and brought to an open shame.
Silver Fox at the Department of Defense shall bring them down.
Mario Murillo will have great revival in California, and have miracles he's never seen with his eyes.
Politicians will be charged with treason.
South America is not far enough to run, Nancy Pelosi. Repent.
God's eyes are upon those that cry to him. Jesus is arising with healing in His wings. Call upon His name.
God is ashamed that those who say that they know Him know so little of His voice.
Cry aloud, and God will heal your land. Today is the hour of your visitation.

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