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Dr Mike Yeadon Former CSO&VP Allergy Respiratory Research Pfizer Global, 29th Oct 2020 - "The Disease Is No More And If We Stop Testing,Everything Will Be Normal"
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Published 2 years ago |
Dr. Mike Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry, toxicology, and a doctorate in pharmacology. At Pfizer, an international research pharmaceutical company, he was the research leader and vice president for global research and development in the field of allergies and respiratory diseases. He was the oldest researcher for respiratory diseases in the entire company and he was preparing advice and guidelines for the respiratory field.
“There is no excessive mortality. The pathology now spreading across countries is government PCR testing. To test a healthy part of the population? People are not sick! This is unwise, as most of them do not have the virus. But if you insist on this test and drive this machine enough, you will get an enormous number of positive…
I believe that if mass PCR testing were stopped, the country would be normal again in three weeks. The disease is no more and if we stop testing, everything will be normal. If the virus gets out of control, keep it for testing in hospital patients, but stop testing mass, healthy people.
“I am an advocate of well-labeled, recognized vaccines that absolutely prevent a huge amount of illness and death. But you don’t vaccinate an entire population because one in a million people could have a bad outcome. What you do is look at who the vulnerable group is and offer them a vaccine. You offer. Informed consent is important. So, not necessarily. It is horrible that the profession is being abused so much that people are being told that the only way to get their lives back is to vaccinate the population en masse. Something stinks here. It is simply not appropriate. This was never required. I don't know if it would work at all. "
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