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Larry Johnson says US Military MUST deploy to TEXAS BORDER now! | Stephen Gardner podcast
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Published 10 days ago

Larry Johnson says US Military MUST deploy to TEXAS BORDER now! | Stephen Gardner podcast

Stephen Gardner and former CIA Larry Johnson. The situation described revolves around the impact of a significant influx of migrants, particularly asylum seekers, on New York City, as well as broader immigration policies in the United States.

Mayor Eric Adams expresses concern about the strain on the city's resources due to the growing number of migrants, highlighting issues such as unexpected costs like the presence of trees in sidewalks and the release of suspects involved in assaulting NYPD officers. Critics of the mayor question the allocation of funds and the handling of migrant-related incidents. Most of this comes from NYC being a sanctuary city that is being bussed illegal migrants from the Texas border.

The debate extends to the Biden administration's approach to immigration, with deep disagreements between public officials in New York City and the federal government. Concerns are raised about the release of suspects charged with assaulting police officers and the potential risks posed by migrants, especially when they are involved in criminal activities.

The narrative underscores the challenges faced by sanctuary cities like New York in managing the influx of migrants and providing necessary support while maintaining public safety and addressing concerns of residents. There is criticism of the sanctuary city policies, with some arguing that they attract migrants but fail to adequately address the associated challenges.

The discussion also delves into the financial implications of accommodating migrants, with estimates suggesting significant costs for the city. Governor Kathy Hochul seeks substantial aid from the federal government to manage the migrant influx, highlighting the strain on local resources and the need for a comprehensive solution at the national level.

The debate becomes politically charged, with Republicans criticizing Democratic policies and advocating for stronger enforcement measures. There are calls for a focus on policy solutions rather than simply allocating more funds to address the issue.

The situation in New York City reflects broader tensions surrounding immigration policies across the country. It raises questions about the balance of power between state and federal authorities, as well as the effectiveness of current approaches to border security and migrant management.

Overall, the narrative underscores the complex nature of immigration issues and the challenges faced by local governments in responding to the needs of migrants while addressing concerns of residents and ensuring public safety. It highlights the importance of a comprehensive and coordinated approach at both the state and federal levels to effectively manage immigration and address the underlying issues.

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