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Scientists pushing for the GOLDEN MEAT to be made in Laboratories!!
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Published Saturday |
MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Mass. — Red meat fans are probably used to hearing about all the links their favorite beef products have to poor health. Researchers at Tufts University say they’ve created a way for health-conscious meat lovers to have their cake and eat it too. The team has genetically engineered cow muscle cells to produce the same nutrients found in plants.

Just like golden rice has been engineered to include beta carotene, scientists are now doing the same with cell-cultured meat. Beta carotene is a provitamin in carrots and tomatoes which beef cells do not naturally produce. Scientists created golden rice in the 1990’s as a way of enhancing the nutritional value of white rice, which also lacks this precursor to vitamin A.

Here is the link:

‘Golden meat’: Scientists create healthier beef products enhanced with plant nutrients
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