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Open borders "socialist" (commie and muslim) cesspool and shithole Sweden new years eve
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Published 6 months ago |
31/12 2016, 31/12 2017, 31/12 2018 and this is what was playing out and no one took responsibility. If you say something you are racist. 2019 were dropping in the polls so the commies had to come up with a smoke screen so they "banned" usage of buying and using fireworks but nothing changed. now the muslims point the fireworks directly at the police since the muslim inbeeds know nothing will happen. if a white would have shot a firework or aimed at the police that would mean you would end up in jail for a long time. stay away from sweden and do not buy anything that comes out of sweden, the socialist open border shithole cesspool. where is the police? eating do nuts? police is corrupt stenchy pieces of shit, commie filth. In open border cesspool Sweden it is OK to stalk and harrass people you are jealous of and because you feel provoked because you will always be a french stone cold loser stealing from the fake jobs and welfare and that behavior is ok because the commies give anything to the stenchy french, latinamericans and muslims since not giving away fake jobs is racist but these low iq scum bags that do this, these commies never live amongst the criminals. the swedish way, that is why you have open borders in swrden and that is why police have low iq and that is why crimes are massive in sweden and no one do anything about it while you have massive taxes and a running budget deficit, a health care that is a joke (and the scum that call themselves politicians go to private health care, not available to the public) and the education is free but so watered down because you do not get your job ob merit so the education is watered down since criminals can cheat openly. muslims, french must be able to cheat freely otherwise it is racism.

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