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COVID - The Perfect Cover for 5G Genocide
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Published a year ago |
100% of patients on COVID hospital floor have been fully [email protected] Bill Gates fawning at the feet of Rabbi Schneerson the head of the Jewish supremacist end times cult Chabad Lubavitch. Gate's mother is a Maxwell, related to the Israeli Mossad agents Robert Maxwell and his paedo daughter [email protected] Satanic themed music video covering the main issues we have been dealing with since January 2020. This is where the Marxists are taking us. This is what their media is brainwashing our kids with. Its even in the schools [email protected] How everyone in the world will eventually test positive for COVID. Millimeter waves can easily penetrate the nucleus of a cell. The DNA, acting as an inductor, reacts to the 5G waves by producing an abnormal electro-magnetic field - which is known in industry circles as EMF smog. The immune system deals with the electro-magnetic smog by sending exosomes to the affected areas to remove damaged cells - and these exosomes are later diagnosed as a virus using the PCR test. Finally, the mRNA vaccine is administered to treat the misdiagnosed virus and this causes the premature death of the [email protected] Video discussing events surrounding the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic and the global introduction of radiation wave technology, later shortened to radio waves. Why are the same families and institutions who controlled the Radio Wave narrative during and after the Spanish Flu pandemic now controlling the 5G narrative in [email protected] A reading from Arthur Firstenburg's highly regarded book The Invisible Rainbow by Red Pilled Girl. This book offers compelling evidence that the so called Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 was caused by the global deployment of radiation wave technologies by the military industrial complex. These radiation waves were later renamed as radio waves. The leading symptom in the deaths of millions of people around the world was blood coagulation, which is just another word for blood clotting, which is exactly what hospitals around the world are diagnosing their COVID patients with in 2020-21. It is 5G and the mRNA experimental vaccines that are killing us folks, not an imaginary virus.
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