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Straight Shooting News w/ Bandana Ed Oct 10 - Why? (Part II)
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Published 10 months ago |
Part Two: Disclaimer this segment is for educational purposes and we give full credit to all those who contributed to the production of this information.

*After Listening to Dr. Merritt now we have the have to question: Why is the U.S. Attorney General is Weaponizing the DOJ to go after parents using “The UnPatriot Act”: Tucker: Nothing like this has ever happened in our country Play to 10:10

*$600 transactions IRS Weaponized: Happy Columbus Day: Border Wide Open: This Biden bill proposal has a ‘Big Brother’ feel: Rep. Van Drew Open Borders

*Governor’s at the Border Armed cartel members reportedly taunt Texas National Guard

*Can We Trust Gov Abbott of Texas or any other Border Gov Not at all, because they do have the power to stop this under the U.S. Constitution but for some reason, most likely political they haven’t yet.

*Drug cartel fires shots across America's southern border

*Democrat Tulsi Gabbard does make some sense when she speaks of political parties, but don’t get the warm and fuzzy feelings about her, because she does have Presidential ambitions, which wouldn’t be a problem except: when she ran in 2020 the news came out about her and her friend Communist Chinese Spy Fang Fang who was bundling money for her for her Senate Run when she ran and was elected from Hawaii.

* If you don’t remember Communist Chinese Spy Fang Fang she was the spy sleeping with the married rep from Cal. Eric Sawell who she also bundle money for to get him elected.

*That is the same Eric Swalwel who went after President Trump so hard when they tried to impeach him. Should we even wonder who Cal. Rep Erik Swalwell is really working for?

*Several news articles came out this week one on U.S. Forces in Taiwan training their forces, and Communist China was furious. Another was how Chinese jets violated Taiwan’s Airspace with another stating how a U.S. Submarine hit an object in the South China Sea. An object?

*Now from Australia Sky News the question: Can the U.S. Be A Trusted Ally? Can Xi Ping take Taiwan Cropped Play to 3:35

*It takes a while for Main Stream Media to catch up to Independent Social Media News Sources, but let’s watch this and pick out all the important points that he got around covering. Keep in Mind 251 days

*Tucker: You're not allowed to point out this is insane cropped

* I heard: Governmental Tyrannical Force, They Surrendered Their Firearms, Herd Immunity, Open Borders, Useless Jabs, New World Order (Conspiracy Theory), and Tucker shredded Australia's tough COVID restrictions

*As far as the so-called Facebook whistle blower goes and her calling for more government censorship over content well, I believe she blew her cover as plant for Facebook and at least many in the media exposed her.

*The Pandora Papers may be something of interest, stay tuned for more, but the IRS wants to check on our $600 transactions!

*Keyword warrants Huge Privacy Issues Coming Our Way! It appears just like the UnPatriot Act and its roving wiretaps, now a Google Search and have a warrant placed on you for surveillance.
*Trump’s Iowa Rally showed how his ability to draw a crowd and has support remains strong, but 2024 and even the 2022 election is a long way away from the speed we are traveling on the roadway to destruction.

*Even more important President Trump instructed his White House Aids to defy U.S. House Committee Subpoenas to appear on the Jan 6th capitol incident siting Executive Privilege.

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters attack COVID testing unit in NYC

Water cannon deployed at anti-COVID restrictions protest in Slovenia

Mention NH and Mass Rallies Protests
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