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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #214
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-07-07

Topics: Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual, Mark’s background as a priest in the Church of Satan as Reverend Mark Rhochar, Our Satanically-structured society, Review of satanism from De-Mystifying The Occult Part II, Satanism is an ancient Occult Religion comprised of a diverse world-wide network of adherants, Satanists as highly advanced ancient psychologists, Psychological manipulation of the human race, Dark Occultists maintain their power differential through occulted knowledge, Satan as the Adversary or Opposer of Natural Law, the Ego-driven Self is the “God” of modern Satanism, Christain devil-worship is NOT what modern Satanism is, Satanists refer their ideology as “The Old Religion,” the Four Main Tenets of the Satanic ideology, Egotism, the Satanic Worldview is that Service-To-Self is life’s highest goal, Moral Relativism, Social Darwinism, Eugenics and Epi-Eugenics, Mind-Controlled Selective Breeding, True Evolution vs. Involution, Involution as the Adversarial dynamic in nature, Genius-level individuals in the world-wide Satanic Network, the Satanic rulers of the world as “The Order of Death” or “The Cult of the Black Sun,” De Facto Satanism (Satanism In Deed), Mini-Me Satanism, the “Money” of the Satanic Ruling Class is children, Earth is a Prison and a Zoo, Evolution/Syntropy as the Ordering Force within Creation, Involution/Entropy as the force of Decay and Chaos, “Sects” of Modern Satanism, Over-arching goal of Satanism is to destroy Human Freedom, Organized Crime Syndicates are directly controlled by the Dark Occult, Left-Wing and Right-Wing Politics as the two major “Sects” of Satanism, Corporatism, Socialism, Fascism Communism, and Totalitarianism all stem from Satanism, the Methods and Social Manifestations of Satanism, the Natural World vs. Artificial Constructs, the Satanic Inversion Principle, the Aspects of Reality which satanists always seek to invert, Unconscious humans referred to as “The Dead” by Satanists, the Master-Slave Society and its true structure, Human Slavery continues due to Ignorance, Apathy, Cowardice and Inaction, which is a Free-Will Choice.Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual.

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