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Beyond the Promise of Science Fiction - ALREADY? GPT4o (Claude Opus, Gemini...)
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Published 14 days ago

I've been monitoring the astoundingly rapid progress being made in the AI and robotics spaces. At the core of this video is a presentation that Open AI just published, called, Introducing GPT-4o. It's amazing, yet this Large Language Model is not without serious competition, like when the technology is applied to humanoid robotics. That presentation is included in its entirety, but we lead up to it with a collection of clips from some science fiction classics that you should find interesting for comparison. I think you'll want to stick around for the final clip, from the original Star Trek series!

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Resources Referenced in this video:

Introducing GPT-4o

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - I'm Sorry, Dave Scene (3/6) | Movieclips

Meet Robby The Robot | Forbidden Planet (1956) HD

The Jetsons | Episode 1 | ROSEY!!!

MeTV Presents the Best of Robot from Lost in Space

Star Trek Voice First Computer

Great Moments in Star Trek History - Hello, Computer

Happy Pi Day Mr. Spock! 3.14.15 9:26:53

Introducing Amazon Echo

Star Trek -- Kirk Is Relegated by a Computer

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