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Dr. Bridle: Covid Shot Enters Bloodstream
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Published 4 months ago |
I have to agree with Jim Stone (The Expert) on this video as being a psychological prep video on vaccine damage being caused in real-time:
"They are prepping the story line for excusing their way out of destroying millions with the vax. Let me sum up the excuse they are going to use to back paddle their way out of destroying so many people with that vax. Here it is, in a single sentence:
"We caused everyone's body to produce only the spike protein while not realizing it was the spike protein that was doing the damage, NOT THE VIRUS." ONCE AGAIN, YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST, that's EXACTLY what they are going to say.

They are not going to ever explain how that spike protein is shedding and self replicating in people that never had the shot. They are never going to explain how the hell magnets are sticking to people. They are never going to admit there was never a virus, and the spike protein was the entire weapon. They are never going to tell the truth, NOT EVER, but at least now we know what the story is going to be, and that is: "The vax was experimental and everyone was told that, and OOOOOOOOOOOPPPSSSS!!! WE SCREWED UP. But we warned you, so you can stick it, and you had damn well better accept our next concoction too."

Bridle only recently came out with this news on May 31. Still a decent video that points to easily understandable vaccine damage from the MRNA shot, by spike proteins. Doesn't explain why magnets are sticking to the injection site.

Bridle's take: "Real vaccine stays localized in deltoid (injection site); some protein goes to lymph node to activate immune system.

The COVID shot is pure spike protein, does not stay in deltoid. Enters bloodstream and accumulates in spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, ovaries (high concentrations).

13 young healthcare workers received MRNA shot, spike protein found in bloodstream of 11 of the vaccinated.

In circulation, spike protein (becomes toxin) binds to blood platelets and blood vessel lining; causes platelets to clump; leads to clotting and bleeding.
- Heart problems.
- Can cross blood-brain-barrier and cause neurological damage.
- Antibodies in the shot are transferred through breast milk, delivering vaccine-vector into baby (bleeding disorders in GI-tract)."

Entire video is here:

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