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BOMBSHELL: 13 MILLION DEAD FROM VAX! - Japan Experiences SHOCKING Excess Death Rate!
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Published 5 months ago

MIRRORED from Sixth Sense

June 29th, 2023.

Josh Sigurdson reports on the mass casualties of the so-called "covid19 vaccines" which have unleashed death worldwide, with government documents and reports openly acknowledging the truth.

Hundreds of thousands of people die each week from the injections. The rate is growing by the month it seems, despite less people getting injected as time goes by. Those who were originally injected and especially those who've had 4 or more injections are essentially ticking time bombs. The reports from Euro Momo, the government's Eurostat website and The Office For National Statistics (ONS) show that not only are the vaccines mass murdering men, women and children, but the government knew it would all along.

Tie all of this in with the Pfizer documents which have exposed the eugenicist corporation and we have enough for a trial. Of course, that trial won't be coming any time soon.

As the awakening continues, the state is looking for new ways to kill us or simply enslave us using the plandemic as a litmus. We must prepare accordingly.

In this video, we break down countless studies and what we can do going forward to save ourselves.

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