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You Are Living In A Multifaceted, Deadly Psyop!
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Published 8 months ago |
When I was in Psychological Operations in the Army in 2003, it was illegal to run psychological operations on the American People.
Well, Obama changed that in 2014 [sic, it actually began in the fiscal year 2013]. Now, it’s perfectly legal to run PSYOPs on the American People.
You’re living in a multi-faceted Psychological Operations exercise on every front.
I want you to ask yourself, when you’re being told information, like Bill Gates says there’s going to be a “surprise outbreak” or Fauci says there’s going to be this or that – or vials of smallpox are suddenly found and you get to know about it – why? Why do you get to know about it?
Because they’re setting up a narrative.
What is that narrative?
What does the narrative gain?
Everything in these operations are designed to make you afraid, so that you do what the Powers-that-Be want you to do, OK? “Win the hearts and minds of the people,” OK?
And that’s done with fear.
So, stop being afraid. You do not fear men. Your soul is eternal. Stop being afraid.
And stand up.
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