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RUBY / LATYPOVA. We all got SCAMMED by 'EMERGENCY USE'. NO Informed Consent needed under Emergency Use? NO vaxx clinical trials needed under Emergency Use? Astra Zeneca LEAK.
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Published a month ago

'Legal' but Immoral and Treasonous. Corruption in High Places: "Clinical trial data does not need to be considered for Emergency Use Authorization."

"There is NO INFORMED CONSENT requirement with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)."

"There is rampant legislative corruption rising to the level of treason." ~ MDskeptic

How we got SCAMMED by "Emergency Use". Astra Zeneca LEAK details.

How we got scammed by DOD Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) marketing lingo. Astra Zeneca Clip at 5 min. How Emergency Use Fraud is Killing Americans. Jane Ruby interviews Sasha Latypova, a incredibly knowledgable former Research & Development executive. Global vaccine medical fraud exposed. This has been a planned DOD 'consortium' operation since 2017.

De-tangling Emergency Use Language. There is NO INFORMED CONSENT under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The fraud message: there is NO RISK because there is NO INVESTIGATION. They are telling you that the vaccine is safe because there is NO INVESTIGATION. Think about this. It means they never tested the EUA vaccine.

Understanding "Informed Consent". There is no legal informed consent under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) law. The vaccine product is "non-investigational". Emergency Use (EUA) says no investigation of the product is required. There is no investigation (no safety research). There is no safety data. So they are saying we will inform you, but since there is no data to inform you with. This means there is no informed consent. This means the entire EUA process is legal but immoral. Explaining how we got scammed by the Emergency Use bioweapon marketing from the Dept of Defense and BigPharma.


"Astra Zeneca leaked audio reveals Covid was, and continues to be, a DOD operation to kill Americans. Former Pharma R&D Executive, Sasha Latypova returns to the show to expose DOD contracts with pharma for mass genocide of the American people."

Jane Ruby:

Sasha Latypova:

ASTRA ZENECA Pascal Soriot and Mark Esser. Feb 4, 2020 TRANSCRIPT.


Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca: Covid was classified a national security threat by the US Government/DOD on February 4, 2020

Transcript of the AstraZeneca meeting audio, notes added:

Pascal Soriot (CEO of AstraZeneca): …[Mark] Esser [1] who has been the architect of the long-acting antibody against Covid-19. Mark, back to you. [not sure if there are two men called Mark in the meeting]

Transcript: Speaker 2 [I believe that’s Mark Esser]: Excellent! So, thank you for the introduction, Mark, and it’s really a pleasure to share with all of you a little bit of the journey that the “long-acting antibody” team has taken in 2020, but actually our story begins back in 2017 in the basement of a Quality Inn in Tysons Corner VA at the Defense Department Industry Day... There, I met Col. Matt HEPBURN, who is actually the architect of the PANDEMIC PREVENTION PROGRAM or P3, and the goal of P3 was going from the discovering a novel virus to PRODUCING DRUGS in LESS THAN 60 days - something that would normally take 6 years at best...

...So, in January we were all anxiously following the emerging news from China about the new disease. It wasn’t a surprise to me when I got a call on February 4th from the Defense Department here in the US saying that the newly discovered Sars-2 virus posed a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT....

...So, all in all, all this was done in just 99 days - 1 day ahead of schedule. So, our last hurdle to overcome was to accelerate that normal kind of 2 to 3 year early development timeline into 2 months, and we basically did that by running everything in parallel, and making significant investments at risk. Two notable examples were manufacturing of the Cho-cell pools and starting out tech transfer to our tech transfers to our manufacturing partners before we had even selected our top clones. Our clinical and regulatory teams worked around the clock, and we dosed our first patient on August 21st [2020], and I am happy to report that we started our two Phase 3 studies.... So, thank you and over to you, Pascal.

Pascal Soriot: Thank you, Mark, and congratulations again to you and the team. This long-acting antibodies are quite unique because this is the only combination that potentially will last more than 6 months, up to potentially 12 months and protect people for a long period of time....


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