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Fearless Nation
Published 6 months ago |
Every raindrop, every living cell, every seed, every egg, every cocoon, every embryo, every womb, and potentially the uni-verse; however differing in size, dimension and quantity, they all rely on water and hold the potential to harvest light in the same fashion, collectively shaping a vast number of variations of energy between them.. For one example- plant cells have chlorophyl to obtain energy from sunlight through the process known as photosynthesis, just as human cells have hemoglobins that essentially do the same thing, CREATE ENERGY. Irradiance, quality, timing and duration is determined by the motion and angle of sunlight, by delivering the appropriate wavelength compositions to each cells reaction center in sequential symmetry...This process is biblical to say the least; ‘Angels’ are angles…

I’m no teacher or intellect at any degree, I cannot teach anyone anything. But I just may have a little potential to implement my experiments and experience to remind others of the plausibilities, in some cases, a few potential facts. However, ‘facts’ are not for me to decide, they can only be discerned by each individual separately. In most cases, truth in its most pure and essential form can only be sought when the individual is ready to drop the false ego and find complete honesty within him/herself. True enlightenment is a brutal thing, there is nothing exhilarating or euphoric about it whatsoever. If someone has told you otherwise, they are either lying or haven't a clue. Just as with 9/11, Boston Bombings, Sandy Hoax and the vast number of obvious false-flag and government/corporate perpetrated terrorist events; we were all forced to be honest with ourselves at many levels and layers. Some of us, including myself, became depressed and extremely bitter. Bitterness can destroy you. We must find our way through this difficult reality and make some sense of it; if we can’t make sense of it, we must accept it for what it is. We cannot control the duality of the natural world, ‘evil’ will always exist were there is ‘good’, and visa-versa. Compassion, mercy and understanding for both is only reasonable. Unless you’ve magically walked in somebody else’s shoes, you cannot claim higher ground over them. The very moment we commence to belittle someone for any reason, we ignore the immediate fool in the mirror. It is one thing to be confident, it’s another to be blind, inconsiderate and arrogant. If we have a problem with the way others live, that’s our problem, not theirs. Evil will inevitably be met by karma in one way or another, allow nature to take its course.

‘The Great Geometer’, a title traditionally reserved for ‘The Creator’, ‘God’, ‘The OG’ (original geometer). Man has taken it upon himself to claim this title with the seniority of both modern academia & popular belief. So far, the self titled ‘geometers’ I've approached with these geometric optics experiments have very little to nothing to say. In most cases, I get nothing but crickets. Only time will tell how substantial this series of overwhelming odds is or isn't. So far it walks barefoot next to the falsehoods that continuously switch shoes. You be the judge.

I've been somewhat quiet lately, at an attempt to maintain a healthy and rational balance between confidence and ego. I fail to a degree on occasion, which is why you see the above rant which usually only goes in a journal; some still lingering like baggage on the side of a desolate highway with no destination... Take care and be good to each other.
Source: Rethink Everything

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