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Pfizer Protocols? WOT DAT?
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Published a year ago |
Straight from their creepy ass documents. GMH. "transmission" of effects on fertility from the needled to the not! Page 137 of the Pfizer Protocols.
while we are working towards a tyranny free paradigm, we'd best consider ending our dependence on these pharma-phrauds. Herbal Medicine and Wildcrafting need to pop back into our lives. We will be healthier for it. Plants, exercise and plenty of sunshine. Avoid their feeble and oppressive matrix and find good will, freedom, community and creativity. We have what we need: each other and God. So avoid the tech and slow down the consumption. We can all coexist in abundance if we create ways to do that. We can shift our value systems away from money and towards independance and freedom, quality and affect. Our value systems can concern community and how many can be lifted up through our efforts. We can live in gratitude and appreciation, abundance and freedom. We, together, will find that future and it will not include misinfromed or coerced injections that amount to medical rape. Do not get any additional jabs and if you've already been victimized find shikimic acid in pine needle tea, fennel or star anise.

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