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Pfizer Insider Admits mRNA Set To Kill BILLIONS Within Months
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Published 5 months ago

Experimental mRNA vaccines are set to replace all of our medicines, according to Bill Gates, Pfizer and Moderna, who are warning that humanity will be forced to take hundreds of mRNA jabs every year if we wish to continue participating in society.

If that is the price, then count me out. Because with every passing day we are finding out more about the disastrous effects of the untested mRNA vaccines.

There have been legions of people who have died suddenly or suffered devastating health consequences, including young and healthy people, and an unprecedented number of professional athletes.

While mainstream media continues to pretend to be baffled, there is now a tidal wave of information about the disastrous effects of mRNA, including studies in the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

This information is now crashing through the artificial barriers constructed by the global elite’s gatekeepers in the media and Big Tech and the results, frankly, are glorious to behold. More people every day are waking up to the crimes of the globalist elite and demanding justice.

Want to see what this looks like in practice? We’ve got the footage proving that the people are waking up and mainstream media is being forced to admit the so-called conspiracy theorists were right all along.

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