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Patriot Church: Riding the Waves of Love & Light to VICTORY! 2/22/21
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Resistance Chicks
Published 10 days ago |
Come and join Leah and Michelle for a night of #PatriotChurch! Do you need the power of God to move you life? We have a good word for you! Jesus is alive and well, the gospel is MOVING! Do not lose heart!…The world is changing, can you FEEL IT!? We can!
​​Without God, his Word, Christian Training, there is no Victory for MAGA Victory is for those who's hearts and minds have the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit men's minds are clean, Holy thoughts. Leads to Godly actions. A Godly action is Justice, Honor, Liberty, Life, Health, Rights that come from God. It is called cleaning society of all corruption, filthy dirty thoughts, lust and perversions.
If A Person is a Brick in a Wall.. and That Person Prays.. it Can Move the Whole Wall.Declaration of Independence When men tolerate evil: people suffer! The Declaration of Independence under​ God men have rights under God to live in a clean moral society where men love God. Are the most moral and wholesome of men. Where are the men who continuously are saying,
"we will not tolerate sin!" "We will not tolerate evil people," "we will not tolerate leader who do not assent to the most wholesome of laws for the public good will.
​" The King of England: He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
as·sent/əˈsent/the expression of approval or agreement."a loud murmur ofassent"verbexpress approval or agreement, typically officially. "“Guest house, then,” Frank assented cheerfully" Similar: agree to accept approve consent to
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