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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #218
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-08-04

Topics: The Tarot's Major Arcana As A Revelation Of Personal And Societal Progress: Part II, the Tarot in relation to Kabbalah's Macrocosmic Tree Of Life, Universal Forces at work in Nature, the Hermetic Principles, The Principle Of Correspondence, "As Above, So Below," the Human Soul reflected in the Universe, Daath as the realm of Hidden Knowledge, the Macrocosmic Tree Of Life as a guide to Humankind's Acceptance of Truth or Rejection of Truth, Morality and Natural Law, the Human states of Freedom or Slavery reflected in the Tarot, The Dark "Illuminati" as the Cult of Death, what "Turn the other cheek" really means, Humanity is Responsible for allowing themselves to be manipulated, the Death card of the Major Arcana as the Force of Involution, Stagnation, Backwards progress in the so-called "Freedom" "Movement," the Hanged Man card as True Evolution, Enlightenment, the True "Illuminati," understanding the Philosophy of Thelema, Natural Law is for EVERYONE, Elitism in Occult traditions and those who teach Occultism, Moral Relativism, People who believe they can "decide" or arbitrate what Right and Wrong are, the Justice card of the Major Arcana, the "Crown" Chakra, the Justice card IS Natural Law, Universal Consequences, Judgement and Hell, No One can escape the lesson of Natural Law, We should Not seek escape but rather confront the Great Work head-on, Christ Consciousness vs. Exoteric "Christian" thought, True Knowledge of Morality is revealed by Creation not by Religion, the Spiritual and Material domains One and the Same, a review of the Free Thought Project Community Group Facebook post showing how many people who say they want "freedom" are Moral Relativists, The Tarot as an encoded book, the Tarot as Discovery of Natural Law, the Natural vs. the Artificial, Perception of Reality vs. Objective Truth, Moral Relativism in Anarchist and Libertarian circles, True Freedom CANNOT be achieved in a society practicing Moral Relativism, the "Aquinas On Liberty" essay reviewed and explained, Atheists are DESTROYING the Freedom Movement, the False "Seven Deadly Sins" of religion vs. the True Seven Deadly Sins of Natural Law, Man is not the Law-Maker – God is.

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