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Chase scene from Terror in the Wax Museum (1973)
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Published 8 months ago |
In London, at the end of the 19th century, a pretty redhead leaves a local Saloon after a night of entertaining the patrons with her singing.
After giving her goodbye to the bar owner, this pretty girl in a red-striped dress and black high heels doesn't cherish going home alone. But the girl gets an idea when she spots an occupied hansom carriage sitting across the street from the local wax museum. Strolling up, the pretty girl propositions the occupant about having a quick and impromptu prostitution session. But things go awry when she discovers that the passenger is a detective from Scotland Yard, who is keeping an eye on the museum because of some wicked stuff going on there. Once the red-headed girl extracts herself from an awkward situation, she reconciles that she'll be spending the night alone, or so she thinks.
As she walks down the desolate foggy street, the redheaded girl hums a tune that’s accompanied by the sound of her footsteps. But then the pretty girl thinks she hears someone else's footsteps behind her. Coming to a stop, the redheaded girl looks over her shoulder, but there is nothing but silence as she sees nothing past the pale wall of fog.
Continuing on her way, the pretty girl continues humming as the clicking of her heels keeps her company. But almost immediately, she hears what sounds like footsteps that are not her own.
The redheaded girl spins around, and almost instantly, what sounds like someone's footsteps immediately dies. Concern fills the pretty girl since she is unsure if she's hearing the echo of her footsteps or not. Taking off down the street at a quick pace, the redheaded girl can only hear the loud clicking of her heels. But then the pretty girl abruptly haunts in her tracks, and in doing so, confirms that she always suspected. Despite the thick fog, the redheaded girl hears the sudden shuffle of someone else's feet behind her. Suddenly filled with fright, the pretty girl makes a run for it as her unknown stalker proceeds after her.
The red-headed girl feels that she can't escape her pursuer and ducks into a darkened doorway to hide. Hearing footsteps in the fog getting louder, it surprises the pretty girl when a police Bobby appears out of the mist. But then the redheaded girl realizes too late that this person in the constable's uniform is no old bill.
A short time later, in the wax museum, a noise downstairs awakens the niece of the owner and her governess.
When these two ladies go to investigate, they discover that the wax display of Marie Antoinette has a new edition; the severed head of the red-headed girl sitting at the base of a guillotine.

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