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Eye of the Storm is Approaching - Unity Is Key | 40K Foot View with JMC
Published 6 months ago

SI: Speaking With His Voice- DOD /FBI Looking at disrupter podcasters including Matrixx and Groove

- Trump is Commander in Chief

- Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes NOT part of a psyop

- Unite – Unite – Unite, Unity is key

- There is a plan become a part of it

- General Flynn on Q

- Tales from Thailand

SII: 40K Foot View

- De-Dollarization

- Precious Metals – Gold & Silver

- GOOTS – Get Out Of The System

- Intel.Insights w/107

- Verge of Nuclear war due to stolen elections

- Military first before 2024 President Trump returns as CIC with authority and acceptance

- Cuban Missile Crisis moment coming soon – Nuclear

- DT gaged. Locked down? Is the Trump safe?

- Q-Save Israel for last?

- 2020 Election will be nullified

- Invasion- Terrorist cells to be activated on domestic soil

- Justice – Military Tribunals only way – underway

- Insights into Mel Gibson – An ally – Resurrection of the Christ coming soon

SIII: Action

- God, Trump, Flynn Military White Hats need your help – Enlist!

- Action Changes Things – Things You Can Do To Fight This War

- Access To PDF Doc.

SIV: News Bites and Closing Comments / Announcements

- New Zealand Is a Crime Scene: 30 Out of 30 People Vaccinated in One Clinic Are Now


- The incentivized Mass Murder of Children by Way of Vaccines

- WAR US bombs Syria in effort to provoke Iran into world war III

- ATM 19,000 ATMs Have Shut Down Across US

- Media Merger Complete AMP/CBMJ – Become a Shareholder

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