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Magnetic-meat, graphene-oxide inside meat needed for nano-routers inside vax because human-body can eliminate graphene-oxide thru anti-oxidants
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Published 8 months ago |
They need to put graphene-oxide inside the meat now because the nano-routers/nano-chips/microcircuitry inside the vax, if you do not believe me ( also go to and go to channel orwellito or if you can read/write/speak/listen to spanish you can go to ) ..... And also you can do a simple test with your phone, download first a free bluetooth-scanner-app such as "blue radar", and then go to a crowded place like your super market and start scanning, all those MAC-addresses being displayed simply can not be other people's phones , yes as unbelievable and crazy as it sounds, those MAC-addresses are being emitted from people who have taken the vax, you can take the test further and go to someone you know who is vaxxed in a kind of remote place like a beach or a park or whatever where there may not be other people's cellphones around and then you can scan your vaxxed friend to see if they are emitting a bluetooth MAC-address. Charles Lieber the harvard PHD scientist was convicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for selling nanotechnology DARPA intellectual-property to China look it up for yourself even in the mainstream media news sources. Dr. Andreas Novak a german-businessman-chemist who knows all about graphene-oxide for industrial uses like in brake pads whistle-blew about graphene-oxide inside the vax, because it is so thin, 1 carbon-atom thin, like a 2-D plane it acts like a razor-blade once injected into your blood vessels and when it travels through the blood vessel it cuts up the smooth internal lining of your blood vessels and that is one reason for all the clotting, especially if you see on live-TV all the professional soccer players in europe and south america and around the world dropping due to cardiac arrest and heart problems in the middle of live games on TV. Anyways, La Quinta Columna scientists say anti-oxidants such as glutathione and vitaminD and vitaminC and zinc and quercetin help to eliminate graphene oxide from the human-body. Dr. Vladamir Zelenko says you need the zinc and quercetin to help get the vitaminD inside your cells for your immune system to get stronger. Glutathione is made by your own body thru the amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC). So basically all these anti-oxidants try to eliminate the graphene-oxide. The graphene-oxide is used by the nano-routers/nano-circuits to amplify the 26-GHz signal from the telco 5G-smartphone-towers, that signal is needed for the nanotech to function. These nano-routers emitting bluetooth 5G MAC-addresses are for the purpose of transmitting data from inside your body from the nano-bio-sensors throughout the inside of your body they are all communicating over bluetooth to some form of microprocessor/microcontroller/or group of microprocessors/microcontrollers inside your body also nano-technology. And then though some form of algorithm program or code they process all that bio-sensor data and then it gets transmitted to the cloud over bluetooth using phones as stepping-stones to the cloud and where it goes in the cloud i can only assume to be big-tech and big-government and federal-law-enforcement. So because the human body keeps breaking down the graphene-oxide they need to keep getting graphene-oxide inside your body for the nanotech to keep working. And they need 5G because it sends out the 26-GHz electromagnetic-waves necessary for the nanotech to power up and operate. i am scared. This is a nightmare. This is the middle of revelation13. Jesus please come soon, Father GOD please send Jesus soon, amen.
Sorry one last point, sometimes i try to see if the meat i buy from the grocery store is magnetized and so far i have not gotten any, which leads me to believe only some meat-producers are doing this not all, but i worry it may only be a matter of time till all our food contains graphene-oxide. Please remember Matthew24 unless Jesus comes soon and shortens the days no one will survive.
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