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World's MOST Energy-Efficient SPLIT Heat Pump Water Heaters--Better Than Solar Thermal Water Heaters
Published a year ago

To pay the LEAST to (reliably) heat your water (without depending on the sun) -- AND get rebate$ under the NEW Inflation Reduction Act & possibly your utility company, learn about the world's most energy efficient, split heat pump water heater by clicking-on: .To share this video, use:

For a FREE 43-, 83-gal, and/or 119-gallon tank size quote for your home and/or business anywhere in North America, contact Sanden SANCO2 dealer, Danny Tseng:

[email protected] OR [email protected]: 305.297.9360 or leave a voicemail at 786.441.2727

Skype: ajnj08 (2 #s)

To view a world-class list of energy-, water-, and food-INDEPENDENCE products & services on Google Drive, log into your Gmail before visiting:

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