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Ahmed Hussen: "I will increase immigration to Canada by any means"
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Published 2 months ago |
Ahmed Hussen. was brought into Canada thought a special program from Lebanon. Muslims and niggers are considered being a big asset in open border commie and socialist cesspool countries. The muslim claimed that he had "technical" experience and knowledge. So a company in Kitchener, Canada took him in from Lebanon. Turns out that the muslim lied about what he knew like muslims and criminal do so the company kicked him out and he became politician so he could excercise what he as muslim knows, to lie and steal. My guess is that he lied about his real name too. Criminals lie about anything. Muslims are good at that, French, Latinamerican, Niggers, Romanians and Bulgarian and other filth and garbage.

in the eu you have muslims and niggers applying for asylum in one country then they move to a different eu country and applying for asylum in a second fake name. so you have all these muslims no one knows who they are but they all have real passports in fake names and they get welfare and benefits in several countries who think they are smart.

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