Power Grid Collapse Looms: Drought Forcing Drastic Cuts in Hydroelectric Power Generation
452 views • 08/25/2022

There are many conservatives who avoid the topic of drought. It's crystal clear that we're in the middle of multiple droughts across the globe, but I often get lambasted in comments for even mentioning it. Until today I couldn't understand it. Then, I realized that droughts are being used by climate change maniacs to promote their agenda. This must be why many on the right are denying they're even happening.

They're definitely happening, but not due to manmade climate change. If there's anything manmade about them, it would be the manipulations of DARPA or other advanced technological groups working with the globalist elites. I'm not saying that's definitely what's happening, but I'd rather look toward conspiracy rather than pretend the problem doesn't exist.

These droughts are causing massive challenges for both agriculture and energy production. It isn't just hydroelectric energy production that's affected. Water is used to cool the mechanisms of other forms of energy production, so if this drought continues we will be hurting in major ways beyond "just" food shortages. I talked about this with my lovely and talented co-host and wife on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. Here's the relevant snippet from the show based on the article by Mary Villareal from Natural News...

Article: https://americafirstreport.com/power-grid-collapse-looms-drought-forcing-drastic-cuts-in-hydroelectric-power-generation

Get Ready: https://jdrucker.com/prepare

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