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Dyann Bridges
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Published 3 years ago
Everyone who wants to be truly free needs to understand these laws. I'm currently studying this information. I encourage you to do the same.

We can beat them but we need to know what we're doing. Do NOT rely on lawyers. They don't know this stuff.
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Q: Why Didn’t My Accepted For Value process work to eliminate my debt?
A: Probably because you don’t understand how to use it and are not doing it correctly, and in fact no offense but you may not even understand what Accepted for Value is, due to misinformation, if you wish to hear what we have found so that you can get a result, then keep on reading.

Q: What is the Result of Accepting for Value a Document?
A: Discharging the legal effect of a notice, demand, document, or invoice.

Q: What is the Definition of “Accepted For Value” ?
A: Claim ownership over a document after you have a common law copyright document and are a secured party creditor.

Q: Does Accepting for Value Discharge the Debt?
A: No, but it can be used as part of a process to do a discharge, so that there is no acceptance through no response of any new “offers” and “demands” to pay, you can not remain silent and accept a bill or invoice that you are trying to discharge.

Q: Are there any requirements to Accepting for Value if I intend to discharge a debt?
A: Yes in our experience it doesn’t get a success unless you become a Secured Party Creditor first.

Q: Can you Accept for Value without being a Secured Party Creditor?
A: No, not consistently in our experience.

Q: So if I become a Secured Party Creditor I can discharge all my debt and bills, and buy things?
A: No, you can only discharge debt that already exist, with financial institutions, courts, and corporations; not with private individuals, unless you want to stiff those individuals who will be out the money?

Q: So whoever I do the A4V/etc discharge process with once I am a secured party creditor won’t actually get any funds, money, units, USD, or other currency at all deposited or sent to them?
A: No.

Q: So, I can’t pay UCL or my friend or ex-spouse or child support or other party with Accepted for Value?
A: No, no one ever gets “paid” because Accepting for Value a document does not create any value in the document, and there is no USD or any other currency that is transferred during the act of doing so or any process associated with it.

Q: OK so it’s only ethical to discharge it with corporations who are guilty of price gouging, usury, receiving bailout money without most taxpayers agreement, and/or creating money out of thin air based on our signature and then charging us interest penalties and fees hoping we don’t catch on?
A: That’s pretty much why I do find it ethical to use it, again only against corporations but not to pay private parties who are owed the money.

Q: So if I Accept for Value all documents from a company trying to invoice me, is that all I have to do?
A: No you should also wish to officially get it “discharged” so that it is done away with or terminated entirely, and never comes up again.

Q: So What is it to “Become a Secured Party Creditor”?
A: A secured party creditor is a UCC term, based on a transaction. One can be the secured party creditor over an auto lien or mechanics lien on your home, and you may see this language on the millions of UCC forms filed throughout the country every month week or year, around the USA and the world. However, in OUR CONTEXT of discussion of the Secured Party Creditor, we are talking about your Birth Certificate Name and you the living man or woman being the Secured Party Creditor and Priority Security Interest Holder and Holder in Due Course over your BC/Legal Name/Ens Legis/Strawman Trust.
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