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Published 2 months ago

President Of The Center For Medical Progress, David Daleiden, Gives Opening Statement At Congressional Hearing On Aborted Baby Organ Sales

“Planned Parenthood's top-level leadership callously negotiating the harvesting & sale of aborted baby body parts”

“Dismembering of babies — industrial scale abortion” operations taking place selling body parts

“Babies worth more dead than alive”

“The recent undercover work in the abortion industry and subsequent investigative reporting has shown me a very dark and broken side of humanity. I've watched the handling of dismembered babies inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood abortion centers in the country, while their research officials discussed how to disguise the sales. I've met with dozens of Planned Parenthood's top abortion providers at their lavish commercial abortion trade shows, sponsored by companies buying baby parts.

At these trade shows, I consumed far more alcoholic beverages with abortion providers than my liver would like to admit, as they talked about the harvesting and sale of aborted baby livers. Sometimes I actually saw them start to tear up, describing the tiny brains and hearts and feet of premature babies that they dismember and brutalize before selling them, only to then see them steal themselves and shake it off as they tried to suppress the heresy of human feelings that the dogma of industrial-scale abortion cannot allow.”

“I'll never forget when early on in my research, a whistleblower from fetal body parts company STEM Express told me about the biggest liver her lab had ever sold from a baby aborted at five months at the Planned Parenthood in Sacramento, California. They took the stem cells from the liver, put them in a vial, and sold them for $17,000 to another taxpayer-funded laboratory. Planned Parenthood says 75% of abortions take place because of financial problems.

$17,000 might've been somebody's rent money for the next year. But for the abortion clinic selling and the government funded laboratories buying, that five month old baby was worth more dead than alive. I've also witnessed the apparent apathy of too many public officials in the face of such barbarism”

— “The abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood is a powerful special interest in our country. They fight to silence reporting on their black market of aborted baby organ harvesting, and the ongoing cover-up goes to the highest levels of our government. Kamala Harris, as the Planned Parenthood endorsed Attorney General of California in 2016, raided my apartment to seize hundreds of hours of unreleased undercover footage.

Some of the biggest Planned Parenthood abortion centers got a federal judge in San Francisco who previously opened and funded a Planned Parenthood clinic to issue a federal injunction against the release of the remaining footage. I and my organization now face a total $25 million fine for our investigative reporting. I guess being able to continue to sell baby parts is worth at least $25 million to Planned Parenthood.”

“Aborted babies are only valuable for Planned Parenthood to harvest and sell, and for government-funded laboratories to buy, precisely because they are human beings just like us. But the message that our civilization needs now more than ever is that the value of every human being is infinite. At a time when powerful government and media forces are trying to silence this message, and well-meaning public officials sometimes struggle to find their voice, it is imperative for the People's House to reopen formal investigations of the black market and aborted baby organ harvesting so that taxpayer funded entities can never put a price tag on human beings”

I can’t transcribe it all due to X’s text limits but this is just crazy and worth watching



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And that's hardly the end of it:

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