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Australian Protest Rallies 5 September 2020 - Dr. Judy Wilyman in Perth
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Vaccination Decisions
Published 2 years ago |
This video describes the removal of democracy in Australia, the lack of an independent media to promote the public's voice on government policies and also a media voice to make politicians accountable for these policies. It describes why COVID19 is a serious outbreak of disease in some countries but it is not a 'global' pandemic and never was. It was a pLandemic and there is a correlation between the COVID19 deaths and the mandating of the influenza vaccine in most countries for the first time. The first and second waves of COVID19 deaths correlated to the winter season and use of the flu vaccine in the northern and southern hemispheres. Evidence-based medicine requires that this correlation is investigated before causality is attributed to a virus (coronavirus 2019) that causes "flu-like symptoms". Yet Bill Gates and all government leaders are already rolling out a new influenza vaccine as the "end solution" to be mandated in all populations by January 2021 to get the world back to normal. Great that the corporate-sponsors of the WHO, that advise 193 member countries on global vaccination policies (and that designed the International Health Regulations) can predict a global pandemic at Event 201 in October 2019 and then roll out a new vaccine to solve the problem by January 2021. This can happen even though governments have been telling the public for decades that "all vaccines are tested for a minimum of 10 years to ensure they are safe and effective". Are you still believing the government's claims about vaccine safety and efficacy? The Great Awakening in happening.
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