X Chromosome Endogenous Immune System and Parasites
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(found on Dr Judy's transcripts:

Your God knows exactly what you have and he gave you an endogenous immune system, Endogenous, in your genes. He gave you on your X chromosomes, your viruses and everybody else's down to an identical twin. There's no one thing that fits all. And that's why all liability was removed when President Ronald Reagan, the Fauci and pharma all went to Ronald Reagan and said, you know, these vaccines are costing us in liability. And I'm gonna say it out loud. You want to watch the That's the other thing that we do. You know, everybody's doing these parasite cleanse. Anything that robs oxygen is a parasite. That tower they put up there, the fake wood on the floor, the sensors on your self, the 5G, the microwave, the GMO food, anything that robs oxygen from a human being's red blood stem cells that don't carry DNA, is a parasite!

Dr Judy Mikovits - 06/29/2024

Full presentation at the American Liberty Forum Of Ramona (

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