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(Video 17) The swine flu fraud of 1976, on 60 Minutes
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Published 4 years ago
Huge swindle for big money & see it also on Youtube This is the final objective of the Corona hoax also. Scare the public and provide a Vaccine at high cost making a fortune. Vaccines are pre-made in GMO labs (so that they avoid inspections as GM0 is private and can avoid public scrutiny being privately owned. However public institutions also go along with the hoax)

Stanley Plotkin deposition of 2018 (Stanley Plotkin Deposition)video is 9 hours but can be viewed at suggested video time stamp periods Jan 11 2018, 17 : 05 & 17 : 12 fwd to show the Vaccine Hoax which is disgusting. Human DNA, Monkey DNA, Mercury Aluminum, formaldehyde, pig DNA with aborted fetus tissue and other unsafe (at 40 minutes fwd) ingredients.

The Polio vaccinations of the late 1950' sand 1960's led to this

See also Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines - Movie - directed by Gary Null
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