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The Journey of Space Maintainers in Children
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Published 4 months ago

Every child’s smile is precious. But sometimes, premature tooth loss can occur, leading to potential spacing issues for the emerging permanent teeth.

This is where space maintainers come in handy.

Let’s explore the journey, from initial consultation to post-installation care.

Preliminary Steps

The first step involves an initial consultation and assessment with a qualified pediatric dentist. This is the groundwork, where the need for space maintainers is identified.

The Day of Installation

On the day of installation, communication is key. Explain the process to your child in simple language, share stories, and ensure they feel supported.”

In the Dental Chair

In the dental chair, the space maintainer is carefully positioned and adjusted for comfort. It’s a quick and painless procedure, and your child’s bravery is met with praise and a small reward.

Post-Installation Phase

After installation, slight discomfort is normal. Encourage your child as they adjust to speaking and maintaining oral hygiene with the new appliance.

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