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Cosmic Update VLOG | 12-21-21
Published 2 years ago
-This is an edited recording from the winter solstice 12-21-21 Patreon Hangout meeting.-

We presented about the latest cosmic activity underway; the "construction" of a triunal arc gateway which connects us to Holy We presented about "construction" of a new triunal arc gateway which connects us to Holy Mother, Holy Father and the 16th, 17th, and 18th dimensions and what can be termed the "Mother of Mothers" or the Harmonics of the cosmos. This change enables us to feel the harmonics of the cosmos particularly through the second dimensional connection or our sacral. It changes our physical bodies to connect to our soul matrix in the physical body in a new way. You can imagine that we connected to the personal soul matrix through the heart and now a new connection is being established through the sacral. We will also maintain connection to the soul matrix through the heart. This will enable us to understand the language of light and also sound. I'm feeling a lot activity in the sacral, the navel, and the lower dan tien. You can imagine that harmonically adjusting the physical body facilitates the physical density to change and it alters our sensory feeling body, too. These are important changes underway. How that will play out in 2022 is yet to be seen but we will require continued self-care to facilitate the alchemical adjustments needed.

We also introduced a new Goddess in the 5th Harmonic Universe (HU), The Lady of Lyra. She is working to adjust the 5th HU to align to the new TriUne Arc. She also provided some insights about 2022.

Don’t worry about understanding this information with the mind. The energy of it and the consciousness accessed in this meeting will begin to facilitate changes to your consciousness and facilitate your continued growth.

Love, peace, and honor for being on the planet during this time of great change!

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