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Amazing hidden COVID cure. 100% effective. Now over 100,000 documented recoveries
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Healing Disease - MMS - CLO2
Published 2 years ago |
Andreas Kalcker has helped save the lives of millions worldwide, with a simple yet extremely effective cure for covid. He is working with thousands of scientists, doctors, lawyers and the military of several nations to take down the New World Order.

UPDATE COMUSAV presentation of the 100,000 documented COVID recoveries. clinical success of CDS

Over a decade ago Andreas Kalcker was cured of debilitating arthritis using The Universal Antidote (aka MMS/CDS/Chlorine Dioxide). Since that time, Andreas has dedicated his life and work to understanding chlorine dioxide and getting it out to the world. In this 1 hour interview, we talk about his own story of healing and much more.

Updated COMUSAV presentation of the clinical success of CDS

Download the reference guidebook:

The Universal Antidote Documentary. Watch Here:

Everyone needs to learn about this. It will change the entire world.

Andreas's website:

Oneness Labs:

The Universal Antidote:

Latest research paper on Chlorine Dioxide in COVID-19:

Over the last 10 years he has seen great success with chlorine dioxide healing many diseases and recently has had tremendous success treating covid-19
Andrea's Website's: Organization of 5000+ doctors using chlorine dioxide

We recommend learning how to make MMS / Chlorine Dioxide first:
Excepts on Andreas Kalcker’s online course on how to make and use MMS / Chlorine Dioxide
Full Basic Online Course ClO2 #ENGLISH can be found here:
Also available in Spanish and Deutsch.

Above is an easy way to learn, and I recommend for the visual learner. However, links below give similar information for free.
Please study and learn “Basic” or “starting procedure” first.
Protocols available for FREE and more information on this website.

Other free how-to videos.
G2CU: Information and free help on how to use MMS. Free Zoom Room to help.
Video testimonials
This information is provided for learning purposes, and is not medical advice.

Learn more at
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