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Published 3 months ago

I want to talk about a few ideas, thoughts, and theories that may seem a little left and I want to explain why they aren’t, unity and diversity. I’ve long owned who I am, an imperfect Christian, a Dad, Husband, lawyer, warrior, analyst, I’m all sorts of things. I don’t apologize for my views, that’s part of the whole warrior thing. That sometimes is called sowing discord. The left likes to accuse me of creating hate and it’s actually quite the opposite. Let me explain, I have a project going on with Pastor Bernadette Smith. She’s a great friend, and a strong voice in Michigan fighting for unity. She made news recently after bringing the Christians and Muslims together over the perversion that is going on in our schools to our babies. When Pastor Bernadette did that it made national headlines, due to the fact that when do you see a fundamental Christian pastor and the Muslim community come together for anything?

The islamic community in the Detroit area wants the same thing that I want. They want freedom to live their lives like they want to live them. The muslim community in Detroit and the Christian community all over, have that in common, both want the freedom to live by their conscience. Then I thought about our country, a nation founded on the principles of freedom. The first amendment, freedom of religion, means you can believe however you choose, whether it’s Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc. I am a Christian, that’s not changing, I’m proud of my beliefs. I don’t have to change, and I don’t have to hate people of other religions. We have diversity that we are supposed to appreciate. However every time the left talks about this diversity they are sow division. It’s always a white guy, black guy, Christian, Jew, they never say the ‘American from this city.’ Granted we’ve seen a lot of terror come out of the middle east, but for the most part we haven’t seen a massive amount of terror from any given community. The people that came here for 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, they weren’t American. The left does this as a tactic to divide us and break down freedom.

The government can’t endorse a specific religion, we just want them to build our bridges and keep us free so we can decide how we want to live. As a Christian I have a job to evangelize, I have a job to stand for my faith, but that is very much separate from the legal obligations that our government has. Our government has leveraged the fact that the vast majority of people know there’s a right and wrong and they leverage this faith based concept to move themselves into a position of greater power. Regulating things they shouldn’t regularize, and that just doesn't work. God’s law is perfect and with God’s law I’m fine with just obeying, but with man's law I don’t have much trust and every time man has power they use the law to corrupt.

In Detroit, I’m looking at a government that’s done nothing but be corrupt, there’s so much animosity and discord sown between the Christian and Muslim community that there’s not much trust. At the end of the day I’m going to continue living as a Christian because the law allows me to, and the freedom that we stand for allows me to. The muslim community has that same law so they get to do that too. We are living under the same roof. Should we continue to distrust and hate each other and allow the left to divide us and hate everything that we stand for, or should we start having a conversation with each other? I’m hoping with mine and Pastor Bernadette’s work we are able to bridge the gap. I’m hoping we can unite under the banner of freedom. We should stand up for each other and protect each other's freedom.

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