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Semax the Clarity promoting Insta-Nootropic to become a BDNF Badass
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Semax is a quintessential smart drug in that it fires up cognition as opposed to wakefulness, focus or motivation. So it will help you work smarter as opposed to harder, which sometimes is exactly what we need.

1:50 Insta-Nootropc
2:52 Origin
3:45 A Subtle Enabler of Clarity
6:59 Quality of Life
9:27 BDNF Mediated Long Term Memory
16:11 Cognitive Enhancer
17:38 Vs Fatigue
18:31 ADHD
19:23 Optic Nerve
21:00 Immune
22:00 Neuroprotective
22:42 Mechanism of Action
24:00 Sources
27:20 N-Acetyl Semax Amidate
29:03 Usage & Dosage
30:33 Episodic vs Habitual Use
32:46 Cold storage
35:42 Solitary Use
38:04 Experiential
40:00 Side Effects
42:37 Conclusion
47:08 Cofactors

Semax from
Semax from RUPharma

All Science References & Sources

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