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How to make a Solar Water Distiller at home
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Published 2 years ago
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I like this simple design. In a survival situation where it was all I had to distill water I would consider plastic PET bottles like this. But ideally glass or titanium, even stainless steel would be better, so you don't have warm water sitting in plastic absorbing all the toxins.

This could be made more efficient by putting a wet cloth over the top bottle to cool it down and condense the steam back into water more quickly. The bottom bottle would be more efficient at heating the dirty water if it was painted black, or had aluminum foil wrapped on the bottom to reflect the sunlight exiting the bottle back into the bottle.

From the video creator:
Recycle plastic bottles to make a DIY water filter that utilize solar energy to purify water. This water filter purifier works on the principle of water evaporation and condensation.

Original video:
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