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Clean and Lube Your FX-9, PDW, AR Pistol or PCC: Fast, Easy and Awesome with Adiga Armory CLP!
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Adiga Armory
Published 9 months ago |
Today we will show you how to clean, lubricate and maintain your beloved AR-style pistol, PDW or pistol caliber carbine [PCC] the easy and awesome way with Adiga Armory Citrus-Powered Synthetic CLP [Cleaner Lubricant and Protectant].



We will be using the Freedom Ordnance FX-9 pistol for this demo. However, the process is similar for most other AR-style, blow-back operated, semi-auto pistol caliber weapons. All you really need is a basic cleaning rod, bore brush and patches as well as a bottle of our CLP.

Our CLP was developed by US Army veterans with military field use in mind. In the field, time is of the essence. You need a highly-efficient cleaner and a durable lubricant that is capable of sustained, high rates of fire without gumming up and attracting excess dust and fouling. You also need everything in one bottle, since you can't hump around big cleaning kits.

Our CLP incorporates the most advanced, proprietary blend of synthetic base oils and anti-friction/anti-corrosion additives, with an infusion of gentle, but highly-effective solvents. Our CLP is designed to be extra tough on fouling and rust, yet completely safe to use on a vast array of materials and finishes, including all metals, polymers and sealed wood surfaces.


Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Pistol 8”

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