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'Noahide Utopian' Part 12 (3/4): Judea Declared War on Germany! [17.06.2022]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
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'Those (Morons) That Fail to Learn From History, Are Doomed to Repeat it' - George Satayana

In Noahide Utopian part 12 (3/4), I go over how the Jewish Illuminati declared a “holy war” against National Socialist Germany and the trouble that it caused.

I also reveal how the Germans cooperated with the Zionists in order to get rid of the Jews that had unleashed a economic war against them, in which benefited the Zionist dream of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Near the end, I explain why Hitler invaded Poland, and I reveal the Jews who funded the allies.

Sources and More!

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