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The David Knight Show
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*00:04:35 Arguments before Supreme Court expose the fraud of DACA; but will Trump end it if he wins?

*00:29:32 Sandy Hook has always been about ending 2A; now Supreme Court, in allowing a harassment suit against gun manufacturer who did nothing wrong but simply made a gun, trashes foundation of justice to destroy the foundation of our Constitution

*00:41:55 Shithole Counties of California, literally. Man dumps bucket of diarrhea on woman, San Fran’s new DA won’t prosecute public urination

*00:55:48 Dallas bans churches helping homeless, Austin prohibits churches from renting empty govt buildings but city spends $42,000 to protect library’s Drag Queen Story Hour

*01:04:08 Air Meat? Did enviro-alarmists find a use for CO2 or is it a bunch of hot air?

*01:15:11 Anna Brees joins to talk about the weaponizing of pedophilia and the BBC becoming a tool of censorship & persecution against Tommy Robinson & others.

*01:45:58 The truth about DNA editing. We’ve been told CRISPR is a scalpel. It’s more like a chainsaw, a dirty chainsaw. New transgenic risks come to light

*01:55:13 Google moves into banking. Is there nothing they don’t desire to control?

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