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0425-2021-Video 1 Deaths in India from Covid? 5G? Vaxx shedding?
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Plasma Energy Solution
Published 5 months ago |
India's crematoriums are overwhelmed and deceased people are lying on the roads and sidewalks all over India. Health officials are setting up makeshift crematoria in courtyards, alleys, fields and where they can. Let us pray ardently that they get the help they need, which so far hasn't come. It's a nightmare and we feel so much compassion for our Indian brothers and sisters and for all those globally who are sick, hungry, scared and homeless. May the Lord take compassion on them and serve them through those nearby who have the means to render any type of aid.

This was sent to me by a friend who has many contacts overseas, including
in India. A few days ago I sent out a blog on the rising number of deaths in India.
There are so many people dying that neighborhoods are setting up their own
funeral pyres for the dead as the there is no response for removing the dead to the
already overwhelmed crematoriums.
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