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Start a revolution before they do their illegal cyber attack to prevent their global genocide
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Perfect Society
Published 2 months ago |
Resistance To Death Our Common Enemy | The Global Resistance

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Stop the Genocidal charlatans by whatever means necessary ⚠
They will pretend there is no other way but there is so they are lying. They cannot disprove everyone who takes the next "vaccine" will die from it in the long term because of antibody dependent enhancement (synthetic mRNA inoculations) and autoimmune disease (Gene Drive mass extinction technology inoculations of Bill Gates) because they've never tested the long term effects of that perticular jab. In other words: they cannot prove everyone who takes the injection will not die from it in the long term because the long term effects have never been tested so they may not make it mandatory not even after 5 billion people have died from COVID and declaring Martial Law because it would be unlawful, in violation of people's most important absolute right to physical integrity which is something some of the people that want to reduce the global population lie about.
It is possible that building up natural immunity is the only way to beat COVID-19 like we beat SARS-COV-1 with natural immunity and or only colloidal silver is an effective cure and there will never be an effective vaccine because it's mutating to fast which was the reason they where unable to create a vaccine for SARS-COV-1 and HIV, the AIDS virus.
Vaccination failed, COVID-19 is still there. Never again vaccination over a mild virus with a high recovery rate and low mortality rate.
Vaccination failed. What have we learned?
We call the shots, our body our choice.
Organise COVID fascism resistance before it's too late, before they declare martial law over their planned illegal cyber attack and declare martial law to make sure you own nothing and the genocidal New Vorld Order owns everything and can rent it back to you.
Organise protests, spread flyers to promote massive non compliance with their genocidal measures after martial law is declared, press charges against and arrest the genocidal politicians that continued mass murdering people and even children by continuing vaccination after the 27th of November when 8 doctors and 3 professors had explained that continuing vaccination is murder, organise tribunals now before they genocide 7.5 billion of us with slow kill inoculations tied to a health passport and universal basic income which is illegal extortion even after declaring martial law.,
Some protestors have not burned government buildings but other buildings so they should be ashamed of themselves.
Get the shot or get shot. Boom genocidal freak! Shake the room! We will never take your genocidal jab no matter what you do or say!
Impeach Biden. He lied that this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The official numbers now show he was wrong. He lied and did not appologise. It's mass murder⚠
Stop the COVID fascism tyranny! Organise true resistance against the people that want to genocide you, your family and 7.43 billion of us.
They falsely claim more than 500 million total global population would not be sustainable therefore sustainability is genocide. Actually it's democide, genocide perpetrated by your local Freemason infiltrated governments. It's illegal incitement to commit genocide for which they must be arrested.
The Gene Drive fly cannot kill the A I.
Corporate fucking fascism.
Organise and start a global anti COVID fascism resistance movement revolution.
Organise protests:
Protest against vaccines tied to a basic income or vax passport.
Protest to stop medical tyranny, medical apartheid/discrimination, for medical choice.
Protest to stop the vaccine genocide which is proven by 10 things covered in my video.
Protest against a cashless society for an only cash society.
Protest against Concentration Death Camps, CDC's genocidal green zones.
Protest against the genocidal World Economic Forum politicians that are in on making us "own nothing", the vaccine genocide and or imposing the genocidal Coronavirus measures that kill a lot more people than COVID-19 because the buildup of natural immunity to many diseases also diseases worse than COVID is blocked by the genocidal measures. They block building up naturally acquired immunity and damage the innate immunity that people have. Natural immunity is 27 times more effective than vaccine induced immunity according to Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins university (watch the video on PerfectSociety on various platforms).
Protest against the war in the Ukraine.
Protest against their planned cyber attack on the global financial system, power supply, internet, hospital services, transportation and society as a whole. We can add security services I guess.
Protest against the population reduction, genocide in all its forms.
Protest to keep vaccination and implementing measures voluntary, for medical choice.
Start a revolution now!
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